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          Spring Dance Concert Showcases Creativity and Talent

          Loyola Academy’s annual Spring Dance Concert was held on May 9–10 at the North Shore Center for the Performing Arts in Skokie. The performance included members of Loyola’s dance program—intermediate through honors dance classes—along with the Dance Collective (formerly Company B) and the highly selective Loyola Academy Dance Company (LADC). The concert represented the culmination of a year’s worth of planning, creativity, and developing technique. 
          The evening’s program included the following pieces:

          if it’s a floor, it’s a dance floor
          Choreography: Lane Ehlman '15, guest choreographer
          Music: The Pump Girls
          Dancers: Grace Breen '19, Elizabeth Collins-Ward '22, Aria Conte '20, Sophie Koehn '19, Julia Lapaj '20, Zion Martin-Hayes '19, Lucy McGuire '19, June Nieto '21, Li Noble '22, Rose Proctor '19, Maya Riley '22, Mary Slowinski '20, Elizabeth Smith '20, Annie Zitella '20
          This dance is dedicated to inspirational and heroic people in our lives: Maya Angelou, Sgt. Noah Allen, Barbara and Michael Foley, Ruby Bridges, Selena Quintanilla, NBA YoungBoy
          Choreography: American Dance Beat 2
          Music: Jaden Smith
          Dancers: Javonte Allen '20, Senite Barih '20, Grace Foley '20, Gabie LaFreniere '20, Ezmeralda Lopez '21, Kenyon Shotwell '21
          Now Focus
          Stop going through the motions and notice your energy when you focus.
          Choreography: Zion Martin-Hayes '19
          Music: Magic Flute by Take/Five
          Dancers: Aria Conte '20, Julia Lapaj '20, Lucy McGuire '19, June Nieto '21, Li Noble '22, Mary Slowinski '20
          Used to Be Mine
          The people we love are the ones who can hurt us the most.
          Choreography: Grace Breen '19
          Music: Ruth B.
          Dancers: Elizabeth Collins-Ward '22, Sophie Koehn '19, Rose Proctor '19, Elizabeth Smith '20
          “We are all rebellious teenagers. Sometimes we grow out of it, and sometimes we don’t.” –Kelly Asbury
          Choreography: Elizabeth Smith '20
          Music: MGMT
          Dancers: Grace Breen '19, Julia Lapaj '20, Lucy McGuire '19, Rose Proctor '19, Maya Riley '22, Mary Slowinski '20, Annie Zitella '20
          Sweet Requiem
          After the passings of our grandfathers, we learned to go about our daily lives while still holding them dear to our hearts.
          Choreography: Sophie Koehn '19 and Maya Riley '22
          Music: Khalid
          Dancers: Sophie Koehn '19 and Maya Riley '22
          Riding Together
          We all stand together when escaping our overwhelming thoughts.
          Choreography: Lucy McGuire '19
          Music: George Ezra
          Dancers: Lucy McGuire '19, Rose Proctor '19, Mary Slowinski '20, Elizabeth Smith '20, Annie Zitella '20
          On My Own
          Sometimes you have to learn to be alone.
          Choreography: Dance Design and Performance 2
          Music: Billie Eilish
          Dancers: Emily Bachert '22, Danielle Baffa '19, Caroline Belmont '21, Emma Brady '21, Elizabeth Collins-Ward '22, Aria Conte '20, Kelly Corcoran '21, Eloise Denker '21, Mackenzie Mancini '21, Francesca Menconi '22, Li Noble '22, Maya Riley '22, Kari Rodeno '20, Olivia Stevens '20, Courtney Trueman '21, Annie Zitella '20
          As We Go On
          “Though miles may lie between us, we are never far apart, for friendship
          doesn’t count miles, it’s measured by the heart.” Senior Dance.
          Choreography: Rose Proctor '19
          Music: Layup
          Dancers: Grace Breen '19, Sophie Koehn '19, Lucy McGuire '19, Rose Proctor '19, Zion Martin-Hayes '19
          A reflection on the power of internal strength, inspired by my late dance mentor, Ronn Stewart.
          Choreography: Mary Slowinski '20
          Music: Frank Wiedemann and RY X, (Ame Remix)
          Dancers: Grace Breen '19, Sophie Koehn '19, Julia Lapaj '20, Maya Riley '22, Elizabeth Collins-Ward '22, Annie Zitella '20
          Just when the dust begins to settle disaster strikes again.
          Choreography: Honors Dance
          Music: Fabrizio Paterlini, sound score Honors Dance
          Dancers: Caroline Browne '21, Libby Downey '20, Sophie Koehn '19, Julia Lapaj '20, Lucy McGuire '19, Rose Proctor '19, Molly Saletta '20, Mary Slowinski '20, Emmanuela Vavilis '19, Grace Wetoska '20
          Rehearsal Assistant: Grace Cutler '20
          Choreography: Dance Collective
          Music: DeJ Loaf
          Dancers: Julia Antar '22, Margaret Fanning '22, Colleen Halleron '20, Joi Hunter '19, Rachel Legara '21, Amaiya McCord '21, Ashley Sanchez '22, Kate Tighe '20, KayLyn Traan '21
          Choreography: Chris Xayarath, guest choreographer
          Music: XXXTENTACION
          Dancers: Grace Breen '19, Elizabeth Collins-Ward '22, Aria Conte '20, Sophie Koehn '19, Julia Lapaj '20, Zion Martin-Hayes '19, Lucy McGuire '19, June Nieto '21, Li Noble '22, Rose Proctor '19, Maya Riley '22, Mary Slowinski '20, Elizabeth Smith '20, Annie Zitella '20
          Two guest choreographers, Chris Xayarath and Lane Ehlman ’15, were on board for this year’s concert, creating the dynamic pieces “Incomplete” and “if it’s a floor, it’s a dance floor” respectively. Xayarath has opened for hip hop artists Soulja Boy and Fat Joe and pop sensation Bruno Mars. Additionally, he has performed and shared the stage with artists like Lil’ Jon, Ludacris and Ciara. Most recently, he worked with Chance the Rapper in his music video “Angels.”
          Ehlman, a Loyola Academy alumna, is currently a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Madison pursuing a bachelor of science in dance with a double major is psychology and certificate in business. In 2018, she was awarded the Lydia Z. Shafer Memorial Scholarship recognizing her academic achievements within the Dance Department as well as her high involvement in co-curricular activities. She has been dancing since the age of four and plans to continue dancing as she begins her career at The Kraft Heinz Company next year.

          Congratulations to the Loyola Academy dance program and the following members of LADC: Grace Breen '19, Elizabeth Colins-Ward '22, Aria Conte '20, Sophie Koehn '19, Julia Lapaj '20, Zion Martin-Hayes '19, Lucy McGuire '19, June Nieto '21, Lila Noble '22, Rose Proctor '19, Maya Riley '22, Mary Slowinski '20, Elizabeth Smith '20, and Annie Zitella '20.
          Special thanks to the production crew and the individuals listed below:

          Artistic Director: Ms. Debbie Henslee 
          Technical Director: Frank Rose
          Stage Manager: Jay Stoutenborough
          Master Electrician and Designer: Dustin Derry

          Loyola Academy

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          Loyola Academy admits students of any race, color and national origin or ethnic origin.
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